Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stock Query-7th Dec.

Post your stock query.

Everyday at EOD(after 4 pm) our advisors/analysts will upload your query with an answer(stock idea).Our Advisors/Analysts will answer only 5 queries per day (random selection).

Stock sentiment,number of queries generated by stock,relevance of stock are the few criterias of our query selection.

Queries for 6th of DEC are closed.New Stock Queries must be posted under this blog(click comments and post your query).


Ravi Rattihalli said...

Please advice on ISPAT INDUSTRIES. When and what is the right price to exit this stock? I can wait for another 4 months.

Ravi Rattihalli

Anonymous said...

what is the future of IFCI share bought at RS107

AK said...

What do you say about WWIL now? Are your targets still intact and what is the timeline?

Anonymous said...

Iam new to share market. I have 2 lakhs to invest. Could you kindly suggest some shares for good returns. Expecting ur reply. said...

Dear Ravi,


Our short term target of 79 achieved(yesterday).Pls refer ans to query(5th dec).Your investment horizon is of 4 months and that is good because most of the new investors think stock market is gambling den and expect abnormal returns of 30-35% percentage in 4-5days.Such people lack patient and will lose money in long term.Hold for 4 months for 20% returns from cmp. said...

Dear Anonymous,

Stock -IFCI

IFCI has resistance at 109.This stock will give good returns in next 3 months.It made breakout about 106,and currently due to ban in F&O,the stock is hammered.Big upmove is seen due to couple of positive news.Stay invested with SL of 87(if you are trader).If you are an investor,you should not bother about 5-7% correction. said...

Dear AK,


WWIL has acheived our first target of 89.Stock has touched 107 and retraced back.Stay invested for 3-4months.Stock has given 117% returns since our recommendation and stock will retrace back by 18% from peak due to profit booking. said...

Dear Anonymous,

Dont invest 2 lacs in one go,invest in small lots.
You can accumulate Gujnrecoke,MLL,PTC,GDL for good returns.

mak said...

hi this is third time i am requesting.pls suggest me on BHEL.should i hold or sell.i bought it at 2700.pls pls advice???