Friday, February 8, 2008

Post Your Stock Query -11th Feb 2008

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Mooze said...

I have bought MRPL@67/-,SEAMAC @ 287,
Arvind Mills @ 67 & Indian Hotels @ 136. Kindly advice can I see return on my investments.

Anonymous said...


I have purchased GSPL & PTC shares at Rs.75 & 114 respectively.

What are the short term prospects for these shares?

Should I hold these shares?

Shyam Prakash Jha said...

Is it a good time to buy? If yes... which scripts to prefer?

Rakesh said...

During the market fall on 11 February, i purchased the following:
RPL - 100 @ 155
Unitech - 50 @ 328
Power Grid - 100 @ 100

I bought these for short term gains. I am ready to sell them if i get 5 to 10%. Do u think i will get this return?

If they fall tomorrow again, what should be my stop loss? said...

Dear Mooze,

All the four stocks mentioned by you will give moderate returns in medium term.Stay invested.Indian hotel and Arvind mill may possibly see more upside in coming months. said...

Dear Anonymous,


Stop loss for short term investors in GSPL and PTC is 61 and 92 respectively.If you have medium term horizon(6 months) you can expect GSPL @ 100+ and PTC @ 150+ said...

Dear Shyam,

There is no bad time in Stock market.Stock market always gives opportunity to the investors.As an investor you have to look out for these opportunities.

Invest in Power,Construction,Finance(banking) and Oil & Gas sector. said...

Dear Rakesh,

All the 3 stocks viz RPL,Unitech & Powergrid are wealth creators and it is prudent to hold them for long term( or at least for medium term-6 months).

You can expect 20-25% returns on your investment if you have six month horizon.

Short term -Stop loss