Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Post Your Stock Query -13th Feb,2008

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Manu said...

Dear BR,

I read your comments on RPower. Before the issue every power stock was rising with rumours that the whole pack of power stocks would be rerated and now after listing of Rpower people are selling other power companies also like crazy. This is pitty.

Could you please elaborate on future prospects and fair price of Guj Industrial power in medium to long term?? I invested @ 112 and did not sell even at 200 thinking that it is a long term play and would be a wealth creator as it has got its on lignite mines and is growing reasonably. Is that perception correct or I am mistaken. Kindly comment if it is okay to stick to my 200 shares or switch to some other power stock that has better prospects. If yes! then which one is that gem.

Appreciate your detailed view on this.

Regards/ Manu

Kartik said...

Considering US goes into recession then which Indian sectors will be least / minimum affected in Indian stock market ??

रवीन्द्र said...

Dear bull run
I have simple question to ask..:) What do you suggest for long term investors whether we should invest in growth stocks(with High PE) Or value stocks (Low PE) os fundamentally good company. Now people are talking Power sector will go for recession but in your recomendation you are bullish in power sector. Do you think Power companyies will be able to maintain such high PE? I want your comment for one of your old picks during rediff days JPHYDRO. I have earned a lot but could not book all profits. Do you think long term prospects are good in this Or Reliance power/tata power/NTPC can be better bet from power sector.
Also i want one suggession for telecom sector particularly RCOM. Do you think RCOM can be able to give 30% CAGR in coming 2-3 years at CMP. I want to average in RCOm.

Thanks alot in advance

Anonymous said...

I admire ur knowledge in share market. Iam holding 10% profit in Thermax, 100% in Vishal Retail and 15% in Unitech. Should I sell this and enter into some other stocks. If so, Can you Pls suggest the best ones to enter @CMP.

www.acestocktips.com said...

Dear Manu,


GIPCL will become national player in next 2-3 years.GIPCL have captive Lignite Mines and GIPCL has plans to expand to other states.This stock will give you phenomenonal returns in next 2-3 years.It has resistance @ 94-96.

www.acestocktips.com said...

Dear Karthik,

Sectors like Oil & GAS(selective companies),Power,Finance,Construction are insulated from a US recession.

www.acestocktips.com said...

Dear Ravindra,

You should have sound strategy for Power sector companies.You should have exclusive power sector portfolio having various components (Renewable,non-renewable,midcaps etc).We are bullish on power sector and we have devised the best strategy for our subscribers.Expect CAGR of 25-35% (Time span 4-5 years).Your Power portfolio should have mix of growth as well as value stocks.

Profit Booking is also important and as we have talked before,you should have a sound strategy on profit booking.15-18% of your funds must be allocated to Power Sector.

www.acestocktips.com said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hold Thermax -Sell the stock when it touches 4 digit.Hold Unitech(telecom foray will unlock value for investors).Vishal retail -Book 50% profits.