Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post Your Stock Query -14th Feb 2008

Our Advisors/Analysts will answer 3-5 queries per day (random selection).
Stock sentiment,number of queries generated by stock,relevance of stock are the few criterias of our query selection.

Stock Queries for 13th of Feb,2008 are closed.New Stock Queries must be posted under this blog(click comments and post your query).


Anonymous said...


Hats off to your great job....
I have Akruti city 20@ 1040.
PTC 100 @114
I have hope on GUJNRECOKE but i was doubtful on PTC. Will it regain its momentum in the short term and rally to 122??

Which will be best to hold? DLF or AKRUTI CITY for long term??

Rajesh Jain said...

Can you recommend some value stocks (with Low PE) and which can potentially give me 100% return or has the possibility to be a multibagger in 1-2 years ??


raghav said...

Dear BullRun,

Please advise on XL telecom. Is it ok to buy at cmp?



Raj Malhotra said...

Great tips BullRun. I have a Rs 2 lakh portfolio where I have invested around 1 lakh on IT shares (INFY, TCS, WIPRO) and now see almost 20 % loss. I have some power sector and some banking also. What should be share of IT sector in my portfolio...? shall I book loss and exit from IT and re-invest somewhere else? If so where? said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sector -Real estate

There will be some consolidation in Real esate sector.Real estate prices across the country are expected to correct by 15-20%.It is prudent to allocate bulk of investments in sector leader.Prefer DLF. said...

Dear Rajesh,

There are many stocks in midcap space with low PE,but to cut down the market risk,we will list companies which have high visibility among FIIS and DIIS.
Videocon Industries,Oriental bank,Bongaigaon Refineries,SCI. said...

Dear Raghav,


Stock was in the news recently because of its planned foray into power sector.Stock made high of 594 and currently it is trading around 295-305 range.Avoid XL telecom.Prefer Torrent power,GIPL in midcap space(power sector). said...

Dear Raj,

You have allocated 50% of funds in IT sector.Bring this down to 15-20%.Re-invest your funds in Oil & Gas,construction equipments & Pharma sector.