Thursday, February 14, 2008

Post Your Stock Query -15th Feb 2008

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Vicky said...

I have 20 shares of Bharti Airtel @1006. The share price is lagging below 900 for a long time now. With the spectrum issue buried, and new competitors entering into the market soon, is it time that I sell it at a loss and try to recover the cost from somewhere else? I can hold on to it for somemore time if I am sure the price will come back.

jitesh shah said...

Dear Bullrun,

At What Levels One Should Enter Cords Cable & J Kumar Infra Projects For 1-2 years ?? What Is The Correct Valuation For Its Share ??

rahul goel said...

Sir, Why JP Associates Have Fallen So Sharply ?? At What Levels One Should Buy It ?

Ajo said...

Hi Bullrun,
I appreciate the good work that you have been doing for a long time.
I have the following shares. Should I buy or sell?
Ceat @ 212
SREI Infrastructure @202
Birla Corp @342
India Cement @ 288
Lloyed Elec @ 169
Alchemist @93
MTNL @ 178
Garware shipping @256

anju jain said...

Hi Bullrun,

Tahnks for the great analysis. I didnt sell my Relaince power shares and hoping in log run I will get some profit. I started building my portfolio with 100 NTPC at 206/- 20 Tata Power on 1230/- and now I have some reliance power shares too at 430/-. I do have 60 PRAJ Industries at 206/- PRAJ is giving me nightmares because it is hanging in 160-170 levels. Does this power portfolio looks good to you? shall I come out of Praj and invest in some other Power stock? said...

Dear Vicky,


Stay invested.Tower IPO,INDUS TOWER formed by merging tower biz of (BHARTI + VODOFONE + IDEA) will hit primary market by this year.Bharti holds 42% stake in this company.This will unlock the value for investors.Expect 1140-1160 price target if you have medium term horizon (6-8 months) said...


Prefer Cord cable.

Accumulate b/w 125-141

SL -107

Upside -60%

Time Horizon-1 year. said...

Dear Rahul,


Stock has corrected on back of huge volumes.Bulk selling was witnessed in the last week.There is confusion over company's shareholding in the subsdiary which has bagged Taj Expressway project.Investors are skeptical and have dumped the stock.Stock will bounce back.Triggers ahead -JP power IPO.Good buy @ cmp if you have one year horizon. said...

Dear Ajo,

Exit- Ceat,Llyod Elec
Add -Sreinfra,mtnl
Hold -garware shipping,birla corp,indiacem
BPP-Alchemist said...

Dear Anju,

Stay invested in Power sector.Praj Industries will give good returns in long term.Praj is down by 20-24% from your buy price.If you are long term investor,ignore current volatility and negative sentiments.Praj will make strong comeback.