Monday, February 18, 2008

Post Your Stock Query -19th Feb 2008

Our Advisors/Analysts will answer 3-5 queries per day (random selection).
Stock sentiment,number of queries generated by stock,relevance of stock are the few criterias of our query selection.

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Anonymous said...


I have the following shares from a long-term perspective.
Should I avg. out on my existing portfolio as a lot of these stocks have corrected? or book losses in some and re-invest in the stocks like - "Punj Llyod,Videocon Inds,Omaxe,Thermax,Oriental Bank".
Would appreciate your review and comments.

Clutch Auto 80 @137.87
WWIL 200 @59.74
Ispat Indus 320 @61.25
Jagran Prakashan 50 @160.34
Orient Paper 100 @72.34
NTPC 38 @231.76
Reliance Power 15 @430
RPL 30 @225.59
GTL Infra 100 @59.60

Anonymous said...

dear bull,
i have havells, kalindee rail state trading corporation and ubduan oil corporation- all cut down to 30 to 40 % range. Do you recommend averaging/holding or simply booking loss. thanx
-Toopam Dalal

Anonymous said...

Dear Bull,

Can you share your thoughts on NTPC and Reliance communication for short term

Manu said...

Dear BR,

I have been posting query on Ador Weld since last 2 days but it seems it is not qualifying your selection criteria. I appreciate if you can comment on long term prospects of this stock and appropriate exit levels.

I would also appreciate your comments on PSL. The volumes have dropped significantly and price has corrected from about 550 to 375 or so. Do you recommend to stay invested in this and do you have any price targets and time frame for holding this counter.

Kindly respond for both or any of the 2 stocks.

Regards/ Manu said...

Dear Anonymous,

Reliance Power,NTPC,RPL,ISpat Indus and GTL infra are hold.Exit rest of the stocks in current rally(nominal loss/gain).Add Thermax,orientalBank & Videocon. said...

Dear Toopam,

Fate of Kalindee rail depends on Railway budget.It is one of the interesting stock among mid-caps.Havells and State trading corporation will revive after Budget.Hold these stocks.Stay invested(no fresh investment/avg at this point in time).All eyes are now on Railway & Union Budget. said...

Dear Anonymous,

Important Support Levels for Reliance communication & NTPC 578 & 188 respectively.If these levels are breached decisevly(closing basis)on huge volumes,both the stocks may see further correction.

Short term targets for RCOM & NTPC are 644(weekly close above 600) & 232(weekly close above 200) respectively. said...

Dear Manu,

Volumes are abysmally low in both the counters.Avoid Averaging.Stay invested in PSL.Its GIS and IT infrastructure domain looks very strong.Stock will recover in few months.Exit Ador in this rally.