Friday, February 22, 2008

Post Your Stock Query -25th Feb 2008

Our Advisors/Analysts will answer 3-5 queries per day (random selection).

Criteria for stock selection :Stock sentiment,number of queries generated by a stock,relevance of the stock & stock in news.

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ranjeet agarwal said...

dear sir,
i have been a regular visitor of your site every night to see ehat are your views... can you please tell me your views on Indo-Rama Synthetics and Indo-Wind Energy ?? I Wish To Invest Rs. 15K each in them..


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

What is your view on Bongaigon refinery especially considering the very good results and skewed share swap ratio with IOC? Thanks.

raj shetty said...

After Reading Comment of an analyst ( i dont remember his name properly though), i purchased 1000 shares of himatsingka seide @ 87 Rs.and sirpur paper @ 92 Rs. ??

Sir Have i taken the right decision ?? please comment...

Manu said...

Hi Brother,

What are your comments on CBoP. I am holding 450 shares @ 50 and feel cheated with what has happened at the merger with HDFC Bank Front. Shall I stay invested or exit. Kindly advise.

Regards/ Manu said...

Dear Ranjeet,

Avoid Indo-Rama Synthetic.You can go ahead and buy Indo-Wind enery.Accumluate Indo-wind energy b/w 88-100 levels. said...

Dear Anynomous,

Bongiagoan refinery is the cheapest refinery stock available at PE of 4.8 & EPS of 14.During the quarter(dec 2007),company's net profit jumped by 240%.This stock is not favorite among DIIs and FIIs because of skewed swap ratio.The swap ratio is set @ 4 :37,ie for every 37 Bongiagon shares held,investors would receive 4 shares of IOC.

Instead of Buying Bongiagon,it is better to buy IOC considering skewed swap ratio. said...

Dear Raj,

Himatsingka posted loss in Q3.This textile stock is vunerable to weak dollar.Sirpur paper is also not an attractive stock for investment.It seems that you are dependent on monicontrol and you believe on tips!!! Change your investment habits.Invest in fundamentally strong stocks and sectors.You can exit both these stocks(sell 600 shares each) after budget.Textile and Paper sector may get some budget benefit.FM may annouce some sops for the beleaguered textile sector.It is advisble to place stop loss of 8-10% below your buy price.Invest in construction,power,oil & gas,Agro and Financial sectors. said...

Dear Manu,

Merger ratio 1:29 leaves little on the table for the investors.Basel norms and reforms will open up banking sector in year 2009.Stay invested in HDFCBANK (450/29 =15 shares of HDFC Bank).