Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Post Your Stock Query -7th Feb,2008

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

What is the potential of Redington (India) Limited? Seems to look like a different industry alltogether. Thanks

Vijay said...

I have been reading your blog for the past 2 months and appreciate the knowledge you have on the market. My portfolio contains GMR 300@240, RPL 300@197,RNRL 100@195, Punj Lyold 100@476, Vijaya Bank 400@85. Will I get my investment back in a 1 year horizon or should I book loss?


Rakesh said...

What about Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited? With such a weak balance sheet, it is trading at such a high EPS??? Even quarterly revenues haven't shown any significant upward trend over the last few quarters.

Do u think it is worth a gamble at cmp of 1800? On the other hand, i'm amazed at why Videocon Industries is not rising. The balance sheet is so strong, EPS is low... Certainly seems that brand also plays a role in the stock market.

Neha said...

Hi Bull Run

Thanks for all your valuable information. I need your advice regarding some of the recent stocks I purchased thinking that it will be a value buy but it seems that my losses are getting expanded everyday. I can hold for 3-4 years. Shares I purchased recently
100 Siemens @ 1790 (very surprised to see it at 1600 despite bonus issue)
70 AB Nuvo @ 1940
400 Cairn @ 235
500 UCO Bank @ 65

All my recent purchases are deep in red.

PoojaH said...

Dear Bull run,
I am following your comments since long now, and have made good profits on your tips. I am having 6000 RPL @220 and 5000 RNRL @ 160.
There are rumours on RIL and RPL Mergers at Rs 160/- and RNRL going to below Rs 100 levels.
I can hold for 10-12 months max.
Kindly advice what to do as i am very confused and need your help.

Pooja said...

Dear Anonymous,



This stock is one of the few among IT companies which develops products/applications.It provides End to End SCM(Supply chain managment) solutions.Exciting times ahead for company due to retail boom in India.SCM is backbone of any retail biz and Redingtion is all set to tap this huge opportunity due to its experience and expertise in SCM solutions.

Technically--Stock will show power above 407 closing.

If you are long term investor buy above 407. said...

Dear vijay,

Except RNRL,most of your stocks are bought at good levels if one considers that you are a long term investor(more than 18 months).

RNRL --Its speculative stock and we advise you not to average this stock or make any fresh investments in this counter.

YOu will get back your investment and you will also gain around 15-20% from your present portfolio.Stay invested and dont buy/sell on basis of rumours. said...

Dear Rakesh,

You are spot on.Brand does play an important role.Reliance power got heavily subscribed but Wockhart?? Issue was withdrawn by promoters.

So brand name is very important to raise money in market.Sentiments/Physcology does play an important role,apart from Fundamentals and Technicals.

RIIL-Balance sheet never gives you complete picture!!

Few months back- when RIIL was trading at 500 levels,we posted an article that it will cross 2000+ because MA is planning to foray into Real esate and RIIL may be holding company for its real estate venture.Stock zoomed past 3000 and 3 days back,there were reports about MA intention to tap real estate market.People say larget real estate company in India is DLF,but we differ.Largest real esate company(unoffically)is Reliance.

Buy RIIL in small lots. said...

Dear Neha,

Apart from UCO bank,your portfolio is very strong and you can expect annualised returns of 30-35% on your portfolio.

UCO bank is speculative stock and it is prudent to exit as and when you feel comfortable.Instead buy Oriental bank or if you are looking to buy stock of midcap bank,Centurion Bank of punjab is better choice.

Patience is key.Be disciplined and cultivate patience if you want to earn from this market. said...

Dear Pooja,

RPL-RIL merger- Its just rumour and not confirmed yet.MA will lose his creditibility if he goes ahead and merges RIL-RPL at this point in time.Synergy does exists between RIL-RPL and going ahead they may be merged but not before demerger of E&P,Gas biz.Investors must get fair value for RPL stock.Fair value for RPL (merger value) is around 260-280(based on reports of its intended crude production and fair value is derived considering present GM(gross margin) per barrel vis-a-vis Reliance Industries).