Thursday, February 7, 2008

Post your stock Query -8th Feb 2008

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Anonymous said...

I have got 1000 shares of Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Coprn at 151. Whts the future of this one.


nivedita desai said...

dear sir,
1. whats ur opinion for container corp @CMP especially in the light of bonus declared.
2. If you are asked to give 3 value picks at CMP what would you pick ?

Manu said...

Dear BR,

I am an all time fan of your blog. I have purchased KPIT Cummins at 120/-. What is your take on this. Shall I stay invested to recover the investment and make some reasonable profit. If yes! how long that might take and what are the possible targets. Is it a LT investment bet or MT. Kindly advice.

Regards/ Manu

Anonymous said...

Dear BR
I'm a big fan of you. As per your recommendations I've taken 1000 shares in POWERGRID@140. But, now-a days it going down. Can I recover my investment? If so please let me know how long should I wait to recover... What will be the future of Powergrid?

Thank you. said...

Dear Anonymous,


You have made huge investment in fertlizer sector.We advice you to shed 80% of your holding during pre-budget rally in Fertilizers stock.Re-invest the amount in other sectors like Power,Education,Infrastructure,Oil & gas.

Cmp-133.85,Stock has resistance at 139.40,above this level,it can touch 146-149.On downside,keep SL of 122.Some sops are expected for fertilizer sector in this year budget,make an exit(80%) in rally. said...

Dear Nivedita,

We have already discussed Container corp in our Stock query section.(Refer past queries).

Our 3 value picks @ cmp.
1)NIIT Limited-cmp 118.95
2)M&M finance-cmp 311.55
3)Oriental Bank- cmp 278.40 said...

Dear Manu,


Q3 revenues up by 29%,Profit up by 23%.Q3 results were in line with market expectations.KPIT cummins is mid-size IT company and hence it will bear the brunt of weak dollar and squeeze in margin.Attrition rate is also higher in mid-size IT companies and more so with uncertanity prevailing in IT sector.You are sitting on loss of 30%.You missed out on SL of 107.Instead of booking loss,we advice you to minimize loss and liquidate holdings(partly) above 97 levels and further more above 109 levels. said...

Dear Anonymous,


We re-iterate our views on POWER GRID, it is a wealth creator and this is an buying oppurtunity-level b/w 89-102 is good to average the stock.Your acquistion price is very high,we recommended this stock around 109-112 levels.

You will definetly get back your investment and also gain out of this investment.Keep horizon of 12-15 months for Double century.