Monday, February 18, 2008

Reliance Power (Update -2)

Our analysis on Reliance Power posted on 18th Jan & 12th of FEB

3)NTPC and tata power are available at cheaper valuations than Reliance Power but the Ambanis have this knack of pulling off impossible.They are always 3 steps ahead.AA is planning to enter into nuclear power and his team has already started the ground work for this foray.Some of the details cant be disclosed because it would amount to speculation and against Sebi guide lines.Within 3 months of listing you will hear big news from Reliance power.

Reliance power mulling bonus issue.Ratio- 1:5 or 1: 4.Few more positive news expected in next 2 months.Stay Invested.

Our short term targets are achieved.Our Trade Analysis posted on 12th Feb,2008

Yesterday's low -354 is strong support.Close below this level,one can go short and cover shorts at 324-327.On upside buying will emerge above 400 levels.With kind of negative propaganda by vested interests,media and rival groups,we feel that stock will face huge selling on every rise,near 400 levels.Strong resistance around 422-427 zone.Though it is too early to take a call -we feel that breakout will happen above 453 levels.But this will take at least 2 months or maybe more.Depends on market stability.


Your fan said...

Ultimate analysis and forecast. The best part with you guys are not only the correctness of figures or numbers related with stock but the confidence with which you post your comments and analysis about any script. Bravo man.... keep doing this great job to let small investor like me to create some wealth out of market. Thanks

Anonymous said...

this is very poor analysis according to me because reliance power is not producing any power and value is more in comparison to ntpc i think you part of ambani lobby sell now you all people it will go below 100 useless company and foolish analysis only fools by this stock and only fool can say good about this share

Anonymous said...

I made gud profit from this call.Shorted as per your tips.Covered the short and also bought more.still holding 200 shares.i bought it 344. what should i do now? Also can you please give such tips reguarly.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

I think you are over-optimistic on reliance power.I booked loss and i dont regret about it.